Can Premature Ejaculation Ruin Your Sex Life? Here’s the Straight Scoop & How You Can Last Longer! Part3

By Lloyd Lester, Creator, EjaculationByCommand.com

The problem of ejaculating too early during sex is as old as mankind itself. There are many men who cannot last anything longer than 2 to 4 minutes of straight sex. Worse still, some men last only a mere 30 seconds before their intercourse ends abruptly. There is nothing worse than for a guy who can’t last long enough to fulfill his female partner sexually. Many relationships are known to hit the rocks just because the man does not have enough staying power in bed.

If you want to be the kind of superb lover who gets to enjoy new exciting heights of sexual pleasure and keep his woman sexually fulfilled anytime, anywhere, then keep reading this article.

Can premature ejaculation ruin your sex life?

Well, it depends. You see, premature ejaculation only becomes an issue if it is causing a great deal of distress or discomfort for BOTH your partner and you. If your woman gets an orgasm even if you ejaculate within 2 minutes, and is happy with it, there is no need to fret over your ‘seemingly short’ performance. In fact, there are many ‘premature ejaculators’ who regularly bring their partners to an orgasm with oral sex or even sufficient foreplay before intercourse. If you can fulfill your woman before intercourse, it does not matter how long you last!

But of course, lasting longer can only help your sexual relationship

Indeed, sex will be much more satisfying if a guy can engage in intercourse for a full 10 to 15 minutes without ejaculating (that is how long it takes on average for a woman to reach an orgasm through intercourse). The sexual arousal that slowly builds up during penetrative sex will provide a far more exquisite sexual pleasure, and can eventually lead to a titillating vaginal orgasm – which is not possible if a guy ejaculates within 2 to 4 minutes of intercourse.

The real truth about premature ejaculation and how to deal with it

Premature ejaculation is far more common than you would probably think. So there is no need to blame yourself for not being able to last long enough in bed. Premature ejaculation is commonly defined as lasting no more than 3 minutes of vaginal penetration more than 50% of the time. But here’s the thing: while being able to last for hours during sex is probably rare, premature ejaculation is actually easy to control without medical or professional help.

The key to putting a stop to early ejaculation is by learning how your body behaves at each stage of your sexual response cycle. Simply put, if you are quick to ejaculate, you must learn to recognize your ‘tipping point’ and how to reduce your sexual arousal. By learning how to stay below this tipping point, you will keep your sexual arousal in check and gain superior control over your ejaculatory reflexes.

About the author:

Lloyd Lester is the creator of “Ejaculation By Command“, a complete, step-by-step blueprint to help men permanently end premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. Learn how you can develop superior sexual endurance and enjoy transformative sex by visiting: Ejaculation By Command.

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What you must know about Penis Enlargement Patches

Are you bogged down by the various methods of penis enhancement that exist in the market around us? In all likelihood, you are looking for a method that will improve your penis as well as continue giving it the same firmness that it gets currently. If you are really looking for such a method, then you need to give penis enlargement patches a serious look.

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Penis enlargement patches are safe to use because they do not contain synthetic chemicals in them. Most of them are made using herbal ingredients. Also, they are reliable. You can be sure they will show results. There! is a vast amount of study that goes into formulating the composition of these patches, which is what makes them so effective. Their popularity stems out of the efforts that are put into making them.

The reason why penis enhancement patches have become popular is because the manufacturers know what men are looking for when they buy these products and they provide those things to their buyers. The effects are the most important. The patches are researc! hed in such a way that they can increase the length and width of the penis. Apart from the cosmetic enhancement, the penis patches are also meant to improve performance, which they do.

Penis enlargement patches are developed after a considerable amount of research. There is a lot of trial and error involved, mainly to find out what would give the best effects. A lot of them use natural ingredients, such as the herbal ones, which makes them entirely safe. The herbs that are commonly used include damiana, saw palmetto and gotu kala. Sometimes menthol is used to increase absorption of the other ingredients.

Medical experts are mostly approving of these patches. Contrary to what most people might think, the places where the patches are made are technologically superior with various research experts working on them. Each patch is usually individually tested before being released.

However, it is important for you to consider the reputation of the manufacturer. A few penis enlargement patch brands out there are just there for earning a quick buck; they are not sticklers for quality. There are also those who have half-baked products that need a little more tweaking to be effective. You must take help from reviews on the Internet to decide which product is the most appreciated so that you can get what you expect from them.

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Enlarge Your Penis With Pills

Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of having a larger penis In fact there are no men that are truly happy with the size of their penis, even the ones who clam they are will not admit the truth As women identify and associate their femininity and sexuality with their breasts, men associate their masculinity with the size of their penis.

While the old saying that “it’s not the size that matters but how you use it ” and bigger is not always better – it’s just bigger” are true, deep down in the male psyche men don’t happen to feel that way. No matter what they are told guys just want a larger penis and believe that if their penis were larger, they would live a happier life and get all the girls. While it sounds crazy there is some truth to that idea guys who are self-confident do perform better and get the girls. And if a larger penis is going to give him self-confidence why not go for it. Now the question is how do you get a larger penis

Just do a quick Internet search for penis enlargement and you will be flooded with a barrage of result with options from surgery to extreme involving weights and pulleys. In fact, there are so many “male enhancement” methods around that the simplest and easiest might go under the radar, Pills. While there are many pills to choose from, you don’t want to order the first ones you come across nor is it a good idea to only get the cheapest just to save a few bucks. You should be looking for a quality product that will not only help with your penis size but also your ability to performance and is healthy to boot.

Penis pills, as I like to call them, are easy to take and offer a fast solution to penis enlargement. They don’t take up a lot of your day and they’ll usually provide fast results. I say “usually” because you’re going to find many penis enhancement pills on the market and they’re all different. Products like MaleExtra will provide you with not only easy-to-take pills but also pills that are made with healthy products like pomegranate juice. This is what you want to look for in a penis enhancement product.

Pomegranate juice has long been known for its antioxidant abilities, which help us to avoid many illnesses and just make us feel better in general. This is the type of product you want to be using for penis enlargement. You do not want or need to be taking some pills that you know nothing about other than that they’re advertised to make your penis larger.

One product that I can recommend is MaleExtra it is a fantastic product that has had good feedback and results, all in a pill that will help you enhance your penis naturally and with fast results. Additionally, they come with some very simple exercises ideas to help you boost the length and girth of your penis Think how good you would feel about yourself if your penis was 3 inches longer When looking for products look for ones that offer quality natural ingredient that give proven results without nasty side effects. Also do your homework and check out any guarantees they provide. If the products are good, then you should have no problem finding information to back it up like MaleExtra does.

How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work

Would you like to have a larger penis I know a few men that would love to have a penis that was bigger and stronger and held rock solid erections longer. With the use of good-quality enhancement pills, you can have not only a larger penis, but also an erection that comes quicker and lasts longer. Many pills on the market work great for promoting a quicker and longer erection but that’s about all they’ll do.

Know What You’re Taking before you take it

If you’re going to take enhancement pills, you want to take pills like what MaleExtra offers, which not only guarantee a larger penis and better erection but also fill your body with health products like pomegranate juice among other healthy supplements. Even with the most well know “sex Pills” you still never really know what you are taking. That’s why MaleExtra is the right choice for you.

It’s your choice: you could take sex pills that can help you get hard quicker without knowing what’s in the pill or you can take high quality male enhancement pills that will give you what you want in a natural way. Just because a certain pill is what others use or what you hear about the most does not mean it’s the best for you. MaleExtra; however, is the best for you and what you want and need in your sex life

Do taking Enhancement Pills Work

Enhancement penis pills for men work to give men a better and more satisfying sex life. How do they do this you may ask They increase the hormone levels in the body while stimulating circulation and blood flow in the genital area. By improving circulation and increasing the blood flow to the penis, they actually increase the strength and duration of your erections. They actually give you a healthier penis, which will help to prevent premature ejaculation. A healthy and hard penis always looks larger, too

MaleExtra it is in this product that they use pomegranate juice in their special formula. Pomegranate provides the most success rate against erectile dysfunction. In addition to their special unique formula for male enhancement, they also provide you with simple exercises to actually increase the size of the penis up to 3 inches Their theory is that if you’re going to have a healthier and more active penis, why not make it longer in the process.

Male enhancement pills can add a real boost to your bedroom and sex life. Those days of being too tired to perform are long gone when you use MaleExtra with its special guaranteed formula. Pomegranate juice has enough health properties to make you feel more energetic, healthier and full of energy.

When used with their male enhancement pills, you’ll experience longer and harder erections, increased semen production, fewer premature ejaculations and an enormous increase in stamina and sex drive. If you’re going to be using male enhancement pills, choose the ones that will improve your sex life in a natural way. You and your partner will get the jump-start in your bedroom you’ve always wanted



A Sexy Cougar Adventure

I was sitting alone in her room, at her dressing table. I was looking at myself in her mirror—was I looking too nervous? No, I wasn’t. I looked nervously at the bathroom door behind which she was preparing herself. I turned my gaze to the mirror. I straightened my hair some and tried to switch on the charm, if that were possible.

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I heard the bathroom doorknob snick. She came out. She was 45 years old, she had told me, but she didn’t look her age at all. She wore a dress with a wonderful leopard print that hid her age all the more. I checked out all her curves. There wasn’t a hint of a sag anywhere. I knew she had wrinkles on her face, but she had done a good job of masking those ungainly folds of skin.

She commanded me to sit down. Then, she came to me and sat on my lap. She began moving her ass slowly on my crotch. She asked whether I liked it. I didn’t have to lie about that.

I was her toyboy for the night. Don’t know for how long, but at least for the night I was hers. Barely 2 hours ago, she picked me up from where I solicit women like her. Cougars that cannot hold her passion back. She drove me to her hotel room, feeling me everywhere as she drove. She asked me my age. I said I was 19. She was quite happy; I knew that. I was sure I would enjoy her.

She ordered me to strip. I removed my T-shirt and my shorts and stood in my underwear. I was to remove that as well, but she said—“Dance for me like that.” “Music?” I asked. She put on some Sade. I began those slow moves I did so often for these cougars. She stood up and joined me. I placed my hand on her narrow waist and then let it fall on her ass. Slowly, I removed her dress.

Moments later—we were dancing naked. She’d kept the window open. I could see she had become more lustful now. Then she went and sat on her dressing stool. She spread her legs and signed for me to come. She took her glass of vodka. I went down on her. It was a good pussy—juicy and shaven.

“Come in,” she whispered and guided me to the bed. She was looking extremely sexy. The lights were off now—it was only the moonlight and us. I gently hoisted her legs up and put my penis into her. She squirmed like a baby. Slowly I increased force. She began to sweat.

Many minutes later, I brought myself to a rocking orgasm inside her. She got a shattering climax as well. She kept on twitching for a long time—and then we rocked each other to sleep on the bed.



Sex Dating

Sex Dating Before and After the Internet

You might thing that sex dating is something that has only recently come into prominence, but the fact is that this has been happening in the world since at least a century! It’s quite true – even our previous generations, who incidentally abhor the concept nowadays, have had their sex dating flings. Sex dating means meeting for sex, no strings attached. People who meet for this purpose have just this one intention in mind – they are not looking for a commitment of any sort.

Some people do think that sex dating is too bold a concept and must be done away with. But, if you think about it, there’s no problem here at all. These are two people who have decided to have sex and nothing more, and since they are not interfering in anyone else’s ! lives, they are not doing anything wrong. This is consensual sex among adults and there should be nothing wrong in it.

Sex Dating before the Internet

Are You lonely want some one to get hot with Find Sex and share your fantasties.

You could divide sex dating into two different eras – before the Internet happened and after. Before the Internet, it was very difficult to approach someone with such a proposition. People who were looking for such a liaison were usually the men, and they would scour places such as malls and supermarkets in search of suitable women.

To find a suitable solution, these people would join places like clubs. Here they could meet a lot of people and probably find someone who would be willing to sex date them.

However, because of the proximity of these people, they would usually end up having emotional relationships, which is what they did not want in the first place. That is the reason why sex dating in the pre-Internet times was tacky at best.

How Sex Dating happens Today

In the modern Internet period, it has become very much simple to find someone to sex date. There are several dating websites where you can find a suitable person for this purpose. You have to become a member of such a website. You can then check the profiles of other people (and post yours too) and hook up with someone who interests you.

You could also find someone outside your geographical region. This could become very useful if you are looking for a sex dating partner when you are traveling. Some people find someone through the Internet if they are traveling to a particular city. Then there are also people who travel to another city just because they have found a go! od sex dating partner there.


How to Seduce a Stripper (And Why You Should, Too…)

Strip clubs are one of my favorite environments for picking up hot women.

You might say they’re the ULTIMATE “target-rich environment.” Where else are you literally surrounded by beautiful, nearly-naked women…the alcohol is flowing, and most of the girls are buzzed…the lighting and music is set for seduction…and every one of these girls wants to approach and talk to YOU!

But, aren’t the strippers just out for your money? Of course they are — AT FIRST.

Using these methods, within 30 seconds she’ll STOP thinking about trying to hustle you for a “lap dance” — and she’ll be chatting and laughing with you, just as if you were doing a successful pickup at your neighborhood bar.

Most guys, however, buy into the STEREOTYPES about strippers, and this holds them back from trying to take it to this “other level.” I’ve dated many strippers (I even had an HSG, Hot Stripper Girlfriend, who lived with me for two years), and I understand their psychology like few men do.

I can also tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY possible for you to hook up with one of these hotties — whether it’s strictly for sex, or you want to date some of these stunners.

(Wait until you stroll into your local bar with two Hot Stripper Babes on your arm…watch your buddies’ jaws DROP! Lol…)


“I ejaculate too soon. What’s the best way to control ejaculation?”

Premature ejaculation, or the inability to last as long in bed as we want to, is a problem that majority of men face. Statistics shows us that 8 out of 10 men can only last for 2 minutes or less. To understand why this happens, let’s look at how sex happens for millions of men.

For most men, sex starts off in a carefree way. The progression from foreplay to penetration happens very quickly. And after just a few minutes, pleasurable sensations build up rapidly. Before long, a man reaches the point of no return and realizes that he’s going to explode. By the time they reach the point of no return, the sensations are so overwhelming that it’s no longer possible to stop.

One of first thing I always teach men when it comes to controlling premature ejaculation is the Stimulation Awareness Scale. This is a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is not stimulated at all, and 10 which is the climax. On this scale, the point of no return would be an 8. Once a man reaches this level on the scale, it’s near impossible to reverse it.

How should men use this scale? Well, from the time sex is initiated, a man should keep tabs on his stimulation level, and think about where he is on this scale. If he is keeping tabs, then he can take evasive action when he is at a 6 or a 7 to delay ejaculation and bring stimulation levels down to a 3 or a 4.

Prolonged sex happens when you are able to go from 1 to a 7, then back down to a 3 or 4, up again, then back down on the stimulation. Keep on doing this until both you and your partner are ready for you to come.

Edward White is an expert on teaching men how to completely overcome premature ejaculation. He is the author of the Prejaculation Manual, which guarantees instant and permanent results when it comes to lasting longer in bed. View more of his work here:


5 Ways To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

In this article I want to share with you 5 ways to prevent premature ejaculation.

If you’ve ever been disillusioned into thinking that there’s nothing you can do to prevent premature ejaculation and that it’s just something “you’re born with” or “can’t do anything about” then hopefully this will change your mind and inspire you…

Because the truth is that there are many ways to prevent premature ejaculation, and being able to last longer in bed is something that lies within your control.

So let me go ahead and share with you 5 powerful strategies for preventing premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed…

1 – Take Some Deep Breaths

A lot of men when it comes to sex can get very nervous and fearful or premature ejaculation. As a result they get all tense, sweaty and start taking lots of short, sharp and shallow breaths. Unfortunately this is a great recipe for premature ejaculation. So next time you find your nerves kicking in take 10 slow deep breaths and just watch how you suddenly become a lot more relaxed… and last longer too.

2 – Become James Bond

Another way to get rid of your nerves and prevent premature ejaculation is to change your thoughts. If you’re constantly worrying about how bad it’s going to be if you orgasm too soon then you’re bound to make yourself nervous… and actually end up making it happen. On the other hand, if you spend your time thinking like James Bond would think, i.e. seeing yourself in control, just enjoying the moment and not stressing about anything, then you’ll have no nerves to encourage premature ejaculation.

3 – Urinate Before Sex

This is a dead simple way to prevent premature ejaculation, but it’s one men time and time again forget about. Don’t be like most other men. Remember to go to the bathroom before having sex. By doing this you take the pressure off your genitals and lasting longer will come naturally.

4 – Stroke The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue

OK… I know what you’re thinking… This one is a bit “out there”, but at the end of the day this technique works. By stroking the roof of your mouth you’ll find that by putting all your attention into doing this weird thing you distract yourself from all the pleasure in your genitals. This distraction is a great way of getting your control back in the bedroom and lasting longer.

5 – Go For A Second Round

If all else fails… Just go for a second round. Women care a lot less than you probably think about premature ejaculation. And this is especially true if you take the time to come back for a second round when you can really pleasure her. So if you ejaculate early don’t worry about it too much. You can always just learn from your mistakes and go for a second round… I’m sure she’ll thank you for it.

So there are 5 ways to prevent premature ejaculation, use them wisely.

Oh, and go check out this cool new video I’ve just found posted online about how to last longer in bed.

It shows exactly what this guy, Jack Grave, did to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes, watch it here.


Problems Women Have Ejaculating

I think there are two major problems women face that prevents
them from the immensely enjoyable experience of ejaculation.

They are the female’s mental attitude, and their partners
inability or unwillingness to spend the time and effort
during lovemaking and to learn the necessary techniques.

I will address both of these problems and the solutions here.
The ejaculation is done through the urethra.

This is the same tube that is used for urination.
It is located outside the vagina, between it and the clitoris.
The fluid is water like, and non- lubricating.

In no way does ejaculation improve the chances of conceiving,
it offers no lubrication, and is dumped outside of the vagina.
The only conceivable purpose of female ejaculation is for

And the pleasure is intense, in many cases far surpassing the
best orgasm’s. Often ejaculation takes place during both a
clitoral and a vaginal orgasm (yes there are two type of
orgasms, clitoral and vaginal, but often orgasm is a combination
of the two), giving the female extreme pleasure, sort of a triple

Sometimes after ejaculation the female will virtually pass out
from the intense feelings.

It can be argued that since the only reason that females can and
do ejaculate is for pleasure, then there should be no reason for
them to not do so, and as often as they please.

It is one of the safer sex acts, since in most cases it can be
triggered with fingers alone. Ejaculating from intercourse is
more difficult, especially when performed from the missionary
position, but still possible.

Thanks for reading,

Lorenzo Martini

Lorenzo Martini is the author of the amazing eBook:
Sex God Secrets: How to Kill Your Woman With Pleasure
And Make Her Orgasm Like A Goddess.”
“Discover the Amazing Secrets of a Former First Class Gigolo from
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5 Mistakes That Partners Make When Trying To Dirty Talk

Okay, so you’ve agreed to give talking dirty a go to your partner. You may be a little nervous but you love them so much and only want to make them happy.

Like you, many people have the potential to fall into the trap of these 5 mistakes. Avoid these mistakes at all costs to save yourself the embarrassment of a dirty talk attempt gone horribly wrong…

Mistake 1: Emulating the Dirty Talk in Porn Films

A good deal of women are turned off by porn, so try not to emulate what you’ve seen during some of those movies. Lots of them have cheesy lines and actors that aren’t up for academy awards for a very good reason.

Mistake 2: Making the Dirty Talk Unbelievable

Be aware that talking dirty can come across as very insincere. Telling your man, “your cock is so huge”, when in reality is only about 3 inches isn’t going to make him suddenly feel like a stud. Likewise, telling her that that you love her massive tits when she is more “grape” than “grapefruit” in size could backfire. Sure, indulge a little but don’t go completely overboard with your exaggeration. In fact, when your lover is overly conscious of his or her size, dirty talk can do amazing things to boost their confidence. Tell the guy with the tiny penis that his cock rubs your clit so perfectly or whisper to your wife that you love being able to put her whole breast in your mouth. Dirty talk gives you the avenue to banish their insecurities and make them eager for more hot sex with you.

Mistake 3: Putting False Expectations in Their Heads

When you’re using dirty talk, don’t tell your partner about things you honestly have NO intentions of doing (ie. Threesomes, group sex, farm animals, sex in public, midgets, bondage, etc.) You may find that it triggers some new fantasies or embeds some new images in his or her mind that he or she could continue to ask you to talk about and then want to act them out in real life.

Mistake 4: Using Dirty Talk as the Sizzle Rather Than The Spice

Talking dirty can also become redundant (just like missionary sex day after day after day). Make sure that you don’t use the same phrases, over and over, or trust me, it will have the exact opposite effect and your partner might end up thinking, “Ok…I’ve heard that so many times… please shut up already.” ?

Mistake 5: Giving Up When It’s Not Turning Them On

Sometimes talking dirty can be more comical than erotic, depending on what is said and how it is said. It’s okay to laugh! But don’t give up. There’s actually a lot to learn! It’s not just the words you say!

I highly recommend that you check out Michael Webb’s “Dirty Talk Secrets” site for lots of great examples that turn men on.

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